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The Masters of the Universe Yellow Border MOCs (or let´s just call the YB MOCs) were produced in France. The reason why this factory in France produced the Masters of the Universe MOCs with a Yellow Border ist not realy known. To my mind they just look awesome. Thanks France! In the first wave, that came out in 1984, Mattel started with He Man and Skeletor with the "Matrais de l'univers" logo and only in french language. The following MOCs were all produced in 4 languages. First wave of MOCs produced was YB He Man (uni logo and bi logo), YB Skeletor (uni logo and bi logo), YB Stratos (Stratos and all following MOCs only carry the bi logo), YB Man at Arms, YB Teela (never seen on a picture yet), YB Zodac, YB Mer Man, YB Beast Man and YB Faker (never seen on a picture yet). Second wave (1994) was YB Ram-Man, YB Man-E-Faces, YB Mekaneck, YB Tri-Klops, YB Trap Jaw, YB Evil-Lyn (only known picture is from the Germany Toy Magazine "Toy Hunter´s Journal"). Third wave (1984) was YB B.A. He Man, YB Prince Adam, YB Buzz Off, YB Fisto, YB Orko, YB B.A. Skeletor, YB Kobra Khan, YB Whiplash, YB Jitsu, YB Clawful and YB Webstor. Fourth wave (1985) was YB Sy-Klone, YB Moss Man, YB Roboto, YB Two Bad, YB Stinkor (he came with the regular Stinkor shield and as a special version only known to the YB series with a blue He Man shield), YB Leech, YB Grizzlor and the another memebr of the WIld Horde: YB Mantenna. In the last wave 8 characters were produced. The ald had the affix "super" in front of the name. 5 of them (YB Super Hordak, YB Super Puantor, YB Super Moussor, YB Super Spikor and YB Super Devastator) had the familiar "french" yellow yorder. Super Modulok, Super Dragon Blaster Skeletor and Super Thunder Punch He Man cam without the yellow border. As you can see in the pics, there are many variants. A few have a blue box on th top, some have them on site, some don´t have any blue box. Please note: All Yellow Border MOCs have a very thin and sensitive Blister. So be careful with them!

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