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80's Child *updated 2013-09-14*

80's Child has a great mix of vintage toys and video games like Masters of the Universe, Bravestarr, TMNT, Ghostbusters, Nintendo-Stuff and so much more nicely displayed. 

AllaboutMASK *added 2007-11-03*

You will find a damn huge Kenner MASK collection in here. See boxed and loose items, comics, merchandise, stickers and so much more.

ATI *updated 2017-05-13*

Want to see vintage Masters of the Universe items in a an awesome condition? Then take a look at ATI's collection. Nearly everything is cased by AFA with high grade. 

barbarian *updated 2007-06-05*

Have you ever seen an Euro Faker MOC? No?! Here you can! Mixed with many, many other Masters of the Universe, POP Princess Power and Blackstar items.

bazx *updated 2009-01-18*

WOW...this German Star Wars (Krieg der Sterne) store display for MOCs is simply amazing. Come in and take a look at bazxs sweet Star Wars collection.

Beast Man *2005-10-16*

The nickname says it all. See a fantastic Masters of the Unisverse Beast Man collection in here. Take a look at his custom one-of-a-kind Beast Man statue by the Four Horsemen: Stunning!

biberino *added 2017-05-04*

Awesome! Biberino does not only have nearly every european MotU MOC in his collection, he also made very professional photos of all of his stuff. That must have been a hell lot of work. But looks damn cool!

blackpo8 *2005-02-10*

Here you´ll find mind blowing MotU items you mabye never seen before. Like the infamous austrian Two Pack, e.g. It´s so much fun browsing blackpo8 collection.   

Castle.Grayskull *updated 2007-11-01*

Let´s Play game: Name the coolest Masters of the Universe item in Castle.Grayskulls collection. Cause that´s sooo hard to say. He´s got so many grails! Fantastic. 

CUPRA ENEMIGO *added 2012-02-13*

Guess this is one of the most amazing spain Masters of the Universe and G.I.Joe collections out there. Don´t forget to close your mouth again after you saw CUPRA ENEMIGOS toyrooms. 

derVorstand *updated 2005-02-12*

Come in and see the naked Grizzlor and the infamous right arm of Mantenna (to those who know the story). DerVorstands amazing collection was the reason starting this website. Thank you for this!  

Earth A.D *updated 2009-10-18*

Tons and tons of rare Masters of the Universe stuff is waiting for you in Eart A.D.s collection. Be ready to see Masters of the Universe variants from all around the world.

Emperor Dark *added 2011-04-03*

Thanks for showing us your cool Starcom collection Emperor Dark. A very cool toyline I have personaly never seen before. Shame on me, I guess. 

Eternian *2005-11-25*

I am sure you will loooooove Eternians amazing collection. Simply insane what you´ll see in here. All the rare stuff in one collection. So damn cool!  

Gismoko *updated 2009-10-01*

Gismoko truly is a fan of the Wilde Horde. Take a look at his many variants of Hordak, Leech, Mantenna, Grizzlor, and all the other bad guys. 

gnatbiteblack *updated 2005-11-16*

Sweet Masters of the Universe variants from all over the world are waiting for you. So come a step closer and see sweet Top Toys, Estrela and Leo Toys stuff.

JEFFS_MUSEUM *added 2013-09-21*

I am sure that Jeffs Star Wars collection is one of the most mindblowing in the world. I guess, I won´t find the right words to please take a look. It´s so fucking awesome!!! 

Katzenbisi *2005-05-30*

Dozens of amazing vintage US Masters of the Universe Toyline MOC and MIB. Take a look at Katzenbisis great collection. 

King-Ironic *updated 2007-12-11*

A fantastic Los Amos del Universo and Top Toys collection is waiting for you in here. Take your time when browing through this collection. It´s awesome! 

LMDLU *updated 2012-01-22*

LMDLU is one of the founders of the GrayskullMuseum. Thanks for this nice Website. And thanks for sharing your great toy collection with us. It´s lovely! 

LordShadowX *2005-09-20*

Some people use wallpapers. LordSHadowX used MotU MOCs instead of that. Great flat with MotU stuff everywhere! 

Lulu-Berlu Reg *updated 2006-09-19*

Wanna see the collection of the owner of the infamous Lulu-Berlu stor in France? Thanks for letting us take a look, Reg. It´s fantastic...and I am sure there is much, much more :)   

man e scraches *added 2006-11-03*

Man e scraches surely has an outstanding variant Masters of the Universe MOC collection. Must have taken years to get those together, Amazing! 

manetoys *added 2008-08-02*

When it comes to condition, manetoys is king. All of his MOCs look like if they come fresh from the Mattel factory. Well...maybe they did...  

maskempire *added 2010-08-01*

Yeah...maskempire realy built his own MASK Empire. Outstanding US and european Mobile Armored Strike Kommand collection. Mint in Box!

ninjor1 *updated 2008-02-15*

Take your chance and see nearly every Masters of the Universe store display out there, including this huuuuuge Graskull and He Man heavy lifting the rock.  

palmer666 *updated 2007-10-20*

What do you have to do, when you want the perfect loose He Man figure? have to pack it off yourself. Palmer666 did so. With nearly every vintage figure. Wow!   

PeterzorIII *added 2013-09-16*

If you are into Masters of the Universe variants, you have to see Peterzors collection. It´s so cool, to compare the different versions from all around the world. 

QPX37 *added 2007-12-01*

Welcome to QPX37s MASK Museum. Looks like he got them all. Fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ultimate MASK overload.   

Salator *2005-06-14*

Salators european 8back Skeletor is a dream. Maybe the best you´l ever see. I am sure this guy has time machine and got his MOCs fresh from an 80s toy store!  

scare_glower *2005-02-10*

Another guy who collects only the best condition. Scare_glowers MotU collection is amazing. Take a look at his fanatstic giftset showcase. Mouthwatering!  

scarfaceone *updated 2019-07-05*

Scarfaceone is a living Masters of the Universe lexicon. Ask him anything about any Figure of Planet Eternia. He got the answer. For sure! I love his collection. A must see! 

sfordfish73 *added 2012-03-12*

A collection displayed like in an 80s toy store. Wish I could see sfordfish73s collection personally some day. Must be like traveling back in time.   

Simon *updated 2005-10-05*

Simon, I just want to thank you for amazing memories of collecting MotU! Too sad you stopped some day. We all miss you!  

SLAYER *updated 2017-04-21*

1,2,3,4,5...damn...FIVE unpunched euro Horde Troopers mint on card. That´s crazy indeed. Step in and see an fine mix of MotU, ZOIDS, Star Wars and also modern art toys. 

Spiderman180875 *added 2006-10-22*

When you love the original vintage Star Wars toyline, you have to see this collection. Love his Stormtrooper variants!  

THEGODBEAST *added 2006-04-18*

See an amazing mix of vintage toys like Smurfs, Battle Beasts, Godzilla and many more neatly clean displayed in his showcases. I love this collection!  

tokyonever *updated 2006-07-29*

May I introduce you to one of the two founders of the website called the GrayskullMuseum with some great info about everything MotU related?! Come in and see his collection. It´s amazing! 

ultra-bochum *added 2008-04-03*

Take a look at ultra-bochums amazing toyroom with a great mix of MotU, Los Amos, MASK, storedisplays, and vintage LEGO. Sooooooo cool!!! 

wikd *updated 2009-01-24*

Hundreds of ZOIDS are waiting for you in here. Must have taken so many hours to built them. Hours and hours of great fun. Awesome! 

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