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Masters of the Universe Giftsets

See awesome Masters of the Universe Gitsets in here. 2-Packs, 3-Pakcks, JCPENNY-Mailaway-Sets and many more.

Masters of the Universe Yellow Border MOC

Take a look at all french yellow border MOCs that where produced by MATTEL. If anyone has a YB Teela...let me know :)

Masters of the Universe Store-Displays

The Masters of the Universe store displays are definetly a gem in a die hard collection. Come on in and a closer look.

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Vintage Toy Stores

Photos of old toy stores surely let every collector dream of the good old days, when you could by Star Wars Boba Fett for a few dollars. Damn...if we just had a time machine...

Star Wars Exhibit in the Louvre

Take a look at more than 450 items of Star Wars history shown in the world famous Louvre in Paris. Oh what a great exhibition!

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